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Become a slave

So, you want to become a slave on my island

You will be expected to come with me on an adventure of a lifetime. You will do all you can to assist me and be ready to serve me within two weeks of applying. Expect to do physical, and mental labour. Assessments will be carried out to test your suitability for aptitude, commitment, personality, and skills. 
I will put you in a role that I see fit and ensures you will be challenged.  You will learn new skills and adapt your old ones for the good of serving me and building paradise. You will sometimes be out of your comfort zone and other times be having the time of your life... but remember that you will always be my slave and every action is to serve me.  There will be one slot held for the head slave... this will be for a slave that proves their worth and fully committed to me and the island. Mention head slave in your application, if you are interested in this role. 

Ready to apply? 

Stage one

Deposit and assessment: 
You need to show you are serious and committed to serving me from the very beginning. £1000 deposit is required to reserve your place on My slave Island and to enrol in your initial assessments. 

Stage two

Six Month assessment and trial period
You will be under my supervision and have to show me your worth. £9000 donation will be required for your six-month slave assessment. You will be moulded into the perfect island slave I want you to be, 
dedicated, a hard worker, and loyal. 
Your tasks will be hard but also rewarding for both of us. This will be the time in your life when you will find out who you really are. You will learn what "make or break" really means. 

Stage three

After your six months assessment, you will have time to reflect and decide if this is the life you want to live and be with me forever. If the answer is yes you will be initiated into being a fully owned slave and a £100,000 donation to me and the island will be expected. If it is no then you will be banished from all my lands and buildings forever. It is your chance to decide your fate. 

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